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2/27/18- 10/24/18
Famous People: Queen Elizabeth I, Winston Churchill, Karl Marx






















Focus Topic: Jupiter turning backward

Murcury ingresses sagittarius moving something into focus - by making quick decisions, venus trine saturn commits you to something or someone with great passions or talent. You like this element of your hobby or project, and failing to see or understand, to have understood well. You may also make a long term investment during this period of the the year anyway.

So, dont zonk out! - Remap every thing. The ugly car you had that played loud bass music to the spoiler in the rear. etc.

For example, buster brown loves to eat. So, lets do that and be content.

Charon: Are we headed to montubutu? -

Sun Quinticux Charon
Murcury trine Charon
Murcruy ingress Charon


Venus ingress Charon
Mars square Charon

This transition is particularly difficult because venus wants to do it and Mars wants to square it! In other words, the university of virginia will float by like an oversized iceburg. Antarctica is terrible for religious. zzz












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