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Ubuntu shells for free! right now! Penny for your thoughts... Download firefox here:

If you want to know if it is worth downloading firefox, read the weedbox.net help document here:

First welcome to lotarplaza.com! I update user accounts if I see one in the membership database. Which is screwy almost always. (Almost) lol. If you dialed up weedbox.net and you need tech support with any software apllication visit weirdmotors.net Monday through Saturday 9AM - 7PM

If you want any kind of serivce that has to do with any computer application, operating system, custom computer application, low voltage construction installation, including computers, cash registers, internet access to an entire office, small office, verizon co-location or similar arrangment, moving boxes, or cleaning up construction trash, call me directly at +1 (571) 406-1656

A resume for federal and civil government clients is here:

Obviously; lotarplaza.com has rolled back some of it's features; because the enormus time it would take to etch all of this together has been uncompromising. However I enjoy it. SO:

To access the shell use: ssh -l username -p

The website is for firefox browsers only. If you are accessing the shell through windows, download the putty client at:

fdqn configuration is closely related to your business profile; lol so, each user has an individual sub-domain http://username.weedbox.net, but not http://username.lotarplaza.com

Apache, the http server will then use /home/username/public_html

If the directory replies: You don't have permission to access / on this server. Use: chmod 755 . && chmod 701 .. && chmod 644 index.html

If the directory replies with another webpage, the hosting provider has not yet updated thier system.

  • The name of the database created is the domain name with no periods or hyphens, accessed by your login password. mysql -u login -p

  • eg. use username1q346@crap.com would probably be: use username1q346crapcom

  • The directory public_html can then be accessed by apache through ftp service or directly by using the shell via ssh.

  • Now that you have all of that, if you want to start programming; follow the readme instructions for content management systems. There are many simple php programs that have already been written but need to be customised. There are also collections for Jquery and AngularJS that have become so complicated they are now "art".

    The list of ports to the right are the current ports in use by the system. (losf) which throuroughly is setuid.

    Don't be lazy, a ham, and a banjo are a very good thing to have, but dont be a cow... email: sssquirrel@hotmail.com

    How to get to Lotar Plaza!

    Go in this order by each city:
    1.  Triangle 
    2.  Woodbridge
    3.  Stafford
    4.  Arlington
    5.  Falls Church
    6.  Front Royal
    7.  Sterling
    8.  Herndon
    9.  Front Royal
    10. Gainsville
    11. Front Royal
    12. Bristow
    13. Washington, DC
    14. Manassas
    15. Centerville
    6458 Little River Turnpike, Alexandria, VA 22312

    Also, the database is now full of crap. So if there were a way beside yourself; then now is a good way to ask you. Nobody wants to live in desert. This is how to call a beholder:

    I wont draw mine unless I show it to you.

    Otherwise please try complete phrases, names and practical email addressses. I cant see that so what is the difference? lol