By Michael Kearney posted Febuary, 17 2019

How to play Football

What in the world-

If your feet cant reach the ground you are in serious trouble. Very serious trouble. - Leaving that for another day, there is a better venue. Football.

The game of football is played usually with a ball but what consitues a ball is leading the charge. Its there on the ground. - Where its not supposed to be.-Although it may seem impossible to lift away, and is always following you - its merely nothing a salt bath cant cure. - So how do you pick it up? -

Footbags - are an impossible dream. You can pick up some of these tablets - because sometimes what you offer to snapping deamons is none such the idea.

Put the dust (hands down) in your palm. - blowing it in that - same direction. Dragon stink is something terrible to recon with; even with the most seasoned professional gamblers. I suggest saying something, if not a prayer very very carefully to him first. ALWAYS - Then what ever you want to say - to the psyilium. Remember psylium is also plain orange metamucil... lol If you dont know the deamon. - dont eat him or her just yet. - (another story)

If you are looking for a twist -Another herb, which spends its time in very low places is - Psyllium, or ispaghula. Using footbags with this will tell you where the deamons acutall are... - Asuming you wound your top today. (Yes they smell like the place they left.- To find you.)

Now that we understand that- continue your walk. Maybe this is the only relief we could get! - If the football is on the ground, next you need to raise it into the air. - every one needs a teddy bear but the next part may save your life!-

Its usually packaged as "Manzilla en rama" - meaning, cat came over here to give this to you. But dont ask any favors
If you look into the air, there are spots. - Small discrepancies or variations in the sky. - It could easily turn into a medical problem if you summon, look at or even think about them much. - Look for ones near to the ground. They are here only to guide you; as they say this is not the only place to use them - So, follow them in a circle. Incedentally this is where souls are found. So take care - they are what they look like. -

One. - hold. Two. - hold and so on. Seven times.
Now, its even harder. - Pick one of the spot patterns after the cardnal directions have been completed. Lift the old spot pattern with a new normal spot. -done.

Pick a spot on the ground where you saw the football. - Use the the pattern to lift him into the air! - done.

Now- be prepared to run the football - (careful please, there ARE indians in the woods)